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30/03/1991EnglandSounds 1 page Time to Killjust a picture Scan(s) 
??/04/1991EnglandSelect 1 page Pulling the Plug on the Curereview and pics Scan(s) 

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Live recordings.

Type Equipment used. Recorder. Comments.
AUDIOfrom MTV broadcastboot : alternative medecine ( caterpillar, the blood)
AUDIOBoot : Acoustic Daze (6 songs)
AUDIOBoot : Sweet Acoustic Lullaby (6 songs)
AUDIOBoot : Happy The Man (9 songs)
AUDIOBoot : Swinging Mood of London (6 songs)
AUDIOBoot : Teardrops and Temptations (6 songs)
AUDIOBoot : Unplugged and More
AUDIO2005 rebroadcast 'VH1 classic'
VIDEOofficial : Play Out ( just like heaven, a letter to elise, if only tonight, boy's don't cry)
VIDEOMTV Europe broadcast
VIDEOMTV USA broadcastonly lullaby

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Records owned by fans.

Name Type Support Source GenerationShow RatingRecord RatingComments
x-raysVIDEO1 DVDunknownUnknownAddd - On one single DVD with 1991-01-19 Wembley - the caterpillar, the blood, the wlk, let's go to bed, just like heaven, boys don't cry
x-raysAUDIO1 CD - 2005 rebroadcast 'VH1 classic'Ddlet's go to bed, just like heaven, the caterpillar, the blood, boys don't cry, the walk
Moloch (Pietro)VIDEO1 Files - MTV Europe broadcastUnknown
Moloch (Pietro)VIDEO1 Files - MTV USA broadcastUnknownonly lullaby
BoneVIDEO1 Files - MTV Europe broadcastUnknown
curtastraphyVIDEO1 DVD - MTV Europe broadcastUnknown

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